Monday, March 29, 2010


Digging the keys out of my purse and unlocking the door. I was house sitting again for a very dear friend. Out saving the world again. He text-ed me to come over and feed his dogs while he was away. I don't mind, gives me a chance to work on my tan by his pool.
Four days into house sitting a major heat wave hit the southern part of the states. Breaking records all over the place. The minute you walked out of the house, your clothes were wet and sticking to you. Like you were just in a wet t-shirt contest at your favorite bar.
Letting myself into the house after a long hot day at work, being greeted my two happy puppies. Walking to the kitchen and opening the sliding glass door. I let them out for a bit, not going far. I walk over the fridge and grabbed a cold beer. Smiling you can always count on him to have his fridge stocked.

After finishing my beer, I let the dogs in and go the bed room. I climb into the shower washing away the day's grim and stress. Grabbing the soap and squeezing some on to the wash cloth. Lathering up the soap over my breasts and stomach and down my arms. Taking some more soap on the wash cloth and lathering up my legs and pussy and not forgetting my ass. Standing under the spray of water till the soap is washed away. Running my hands over my body making sure the soap is gone from my skin. shampooing my hair, with his strawberry shampoo and conditioner. Stepping out of the shower and wrapping in a towel. I go and lay on his bed. The combination of the beer and shower I am so exhausted.

Lost in an exotic dream, of fingers running over my skin, softly touching my breast. Pinching my nipples, the warm breath on my neck, before soft lips start to kiss and lick me. Nipping my

shoulder down across my collar bone.....I wake when I hear myself cry out, when a finger starts to rub my clit. Looking down to he was home.
"I should pass out more often on your bed, if this is how your going to wake me up"! Moaning as you slide lower, taking your tongue and licking my soft pussy lips.

"I should go away more often if your going to pass out naked on my bed"! Pinching my clit, raising my hips up, pushing against your fingers.

Looking down seeing you still have on way to many clothes. I reach down and placing my hands on each side of your face. Pulling you up, running my tongue over your lips, and across your jaw. Flick my tongue across you ear I whisper you should lose your clothes baby. I want to touch you and see your body, I want to run my tongue over you. I want to take my finger tips over your stomach and tease your nipples. I want to lick your nipples teasing them with my tongue. I want to taste you and you have to many fucking clothes on for my taste......
Groaning you stand up and peel off your shirt, I bite my bottom lips. As I watch the muscles flex, as you remove your clothes. Getting to my knees on the bed. I take my finger tips over your chest. Touching and teasing your nipples, leaning into you. I take my tongue and softly flicking over your right nipple. Tasting the metal of your piercing. Taking my finger tips over your piercing listening to you moan. Looking up at your sexy face, your eye's closed, as I run my finger over your abs. Seeing your tattoo on your chest. I have to lick it, running my tongue over it and nipping your other nipple.

You push me back on the bed, Fuck Ray Ray..... I come home and your passed out on my bed fucking naked. I just stand in the door way, watching you sleep like an angel. As my cock get harder, I tried to walk away. Your body is like a siren's call, I just couldn't leave. I found myself touching you, and thinking I have to have my hard cock in your wet tight pussy. I want to feel your hot wet mouth wrapped around my shaft sucking me. I want to fuck your brains out. dose that surprise you??? I read your blog and watch your video's you tease me and torment me to no end. I have want to bury myself in your wetness time and time again. I am not sure I can keep myself in check, I need you to know that I am going to lose control when I fuck you. IF YOU want to walk away you better go now... I won't be able to stop later.....

Sucking in my breath, looking you in the eye's. smiling then lose control and fuck me sexy, Fuck my brains out. Feed me your cock till I gag. Cum all over me or in my pussy, fuck me good baby like there's no tomorrow. Fuck me to we pass out then fuck me again....
Running your tongue over my stomach on your way down to my pussy. taking your fingers and spreading the wet lips of my pussy. Your tongue licking me, your fingers finding my center, working in and out of my tight wet pussy. Moaning loudly as you, rub against my g-spot. Grinding against your fingers, crying out loud as your mouth comes down hard on my clit! raising my hips off the bed, pushing against your face.
Crying out"FUCCCKKKK" and you have waited to now to decide to fuck me..........pushing my head back into the pillows, withering on the bed....fuck me baby....fisting the blankets on each side of me......

You slide up my body, your face glistening with my pussy juices all over your face. Licking my lips wanting to taste myself, reaching out and grabbing your face. Licking your lips, across your chin and jaw. OMFG baby, biting your shoulder hard and sucking leaving a mark.
Breathing hard and fast, you take your cock teasing my pussy with it. taking the head of your cock to my clit and rubbing. Reaching down and pushing your hand down and lifting my hips. So I can feel your cock in my pussy, and you pull away.
Your lips against my ear you growl , you are not the one in control today baby....I am!
I want you to lay across the bed with your head over the edge so I can feed you my cock slut! Watching you slide off the bed. I move to were i am laying like you demand of me. My heart pounding in my chest.
Looking up at you, my mouth open.....I want to touch you, reaching over my head to grab your cock. Before you can put it in my mouth. You grab my wrist holding them, in one hand...Taking the other hand you bounce your cock against my lips teasing me. My tongue licks against you as you tease me.
You feed me your cock till I gag, swallowing and sucking your cock. Your hips bucking as i suck you, rubbing my pierced tongue against your hard shaft. Pulling trying to get my hands free.
Take it all my slut suck my cock! You know that's what you want! Moaning against your shaft, sucking you hard.
Leaning over me as I suck your cock, you take a free hand and grab my breast and pinching the nipple. Pulling, and rolling it between your thumb and finger, while your mouth finds the other nipple and bites it between your teeth.
Moaning loudly against your cock, sucking it hard. Squirming on the bed. grinding down against the bed, going crazy with the need of tasting your cum, and want to cum for you hard.

Your hand moves farther down my body to rub my clit hard with your fingers, pinching it pulling it. Rubbing it faster and harder. You slide you two fingers into me. Sliding them in and out, faster and harder. Bucking my hip up, struggling, moaning against your hard cock in my wet mouth. My eye's glazed over with lust. sucking your cock hard. OMFG baby.....please don't stop!!!!
My pussy is throbbing and pulsing around your fingers. Your rubbing my clit harder and faster. Bringing me to the edge, the muscles in my stomach are tightening and my legs are quivering....Moaning against your cock, when you pull it from my mouth and let go of my hands.
You crawl on the bed and place your mouth on my pussy as I cum in your mouth. Screaming Fuck Sexy, as I cum hard and your tongue licks up the juices as I flood your mouth.
Groaning loudly against my pussy licking and sucking my juices. You sit back on your knees, and flip me over. Slapping my ass you say" get on all fours".
Crying out again as you slap my ass, You like that don't you slut??? You like it when i slap that fucking hot ass....whimpering again as you slap the other check. Then taking my ass in both hands squeezing it and pulling it a part.
OHhhhh Aaaagggg Panting hard, God baby, I want you to to give it to me rough. Pull my hair and fuck my ass, Fill your slut with your cum....
Slapping my ass again, feeling the heat raising moaning loudly.
You lean over me biting my shoulders across my back, I whimper. You lick over were you just bite me. Pulling my hair till I arch my back. Feeling myself getting wet as you pull my hair! Fuckkkk yes, I love when you bite and pull my hair baby!!!
I am going to fuck your ass with my hard cock and cum inside you baby! I am going to fuck you hard and fast to scream out my name! Taking your fingers down my back.
Arching in to your fingers crying out, I want you to fuck me good baby! I want you to fill me with your cum!
Slapping my ass with your hard cock, whimpering and wiggling my ass at you. You sliding your cock in to my dripping wet pussy and start to fuck me. Meeting your thrust, you pull my hair hard. hands tangled in the curls as you fuck my tight wet pussy. You pull out and rub the head of your cock against my ass hole, teasing me. I push back hard wanting to feel your cock stretching my ass. Feeling your hard cock in my ass sliding in and out!
you thrust hard into my ass grabbing my hips, digging your fingers into my flesh. slamming into me hard your balls bouncing against me. my breast swinging as you fuck me hard and fast. pound me over and over again. squeezing my ass around your cock! Crying out as you sliding in and out of my tight ass.
Hearing you moan loudly, knowing that it won't be long till you fill my ass with your cum. Whimpering as you fuck my ass hard and fast. Baby I hope that your close to cumming, I want to cum with you!
GROWLING in my ear, slut I will tell you when to cum!
yes, you tell your slut when to cum.......
pushing back against your thrust grinding my ass against you.
Your pulling my hair, as you slide into my ass harder and faster. pushing back against you. OH Fuck babyyyyyy.
Feeling your body tense, you start fuck me wildly. I know that it's just a matter of time till you cum in my ass! Crying out as you keep slaming into my ass over and over again.
Your scream your CUMMINGGGGGG, you fill my ass with your cum. Sliding in and out hard and fast. Squeezing my ass around your cock as you thrust into me.
Ray Ray you scream as you thrust hard into me. I feel your body shaking.
Ray Ray cum now baby, I feel my muscles tense and my legs quiver as I cum. Screaming out baby I am CUMMMMINGGG.
Feeling my pussy throb and pulse as I cum, you lean over me and rub my hard clit. I am shaking hard as my orgasm rocks me.
we fall to the bed, you slowly remove your cock from my ass.
Panting hard, not able to talk yet!
Clawing the bed to make my way up to the the top! Laying on my back watching you as your orgasm comes to an end!
You know now that we have fucked I am not letting you go!
You smirk at me, watching you lick your lips...and who said that I was letting you ever leave my bed baby!...............

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dream Lover

This short story by Nick, inspired me to start writing. Then after writing so many short story's and sharing them with nick and a few other guys and a few special lady's. I wonder what was I to do with all theses stories. When Nick suggested I start a naughty blog. He had faith in me and my writing. He also thought it was a great place to show case my naughty video I have made!

Nick whisper to me,
theresa? are you asleep?
that's too bad...
maybe ...

sliding under your covers...moving my body between your legs
pushing up your tee...licking your nipples, making them hard for me
you moan lightly in your sleep
opening your legs and crawling down between them
sliding my tongue through your folds
licking your clit with the tip of my tongue
adding pressure to it
you are shifting your body and moaning in your sleep
moving my thumb to rub your clit a little harder
sliding my tongue in your pussy, in and out, fucking your hot pussy with my tongue
i can feel you getting wet...your juices are starting to flow in your pussy
bending your knees and spreading your legs wider so i can have better access
sliding my tongue deeper inside of you, rubbing your clit with my thumb
pushing my fingers in your pussy
licking and sucking your clit now
you are breathing faster and harder, moaning in your sleep
you probably think you are dreaming but your body is responding to me

crawling up your body and entering your hot wet pussy with my hard cock
i start thrusting in and out of you
you are moaning and writhing in your sleep
i am fucking you faster and faster
bending my head to your breasts, to lick and suck on your perky nipples
your hands move involuntarily to your head, tangling in your hair, you move your right hand to your mouth and take two of your fingers in and suck on them
i moan out watching you and start thrusting faster inside of you, feeling my balls tightening and your pussy too
you are gasping and crying out while throwing your head back in your pillows
in your sleep you say... "Ohhh Nick... yes!!!
i fuck your pussy as hard as i can and feel your muscles tightening, milking my cock, sucking me in
you cry out "YES!!!"
I cum inside of you, still thrusting in and out
*i slide my cock out of you, get out of the bed, put my clothes on and leave you a rose and a note on your nightstand saying "Good morning Theresa, Nick."

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Chantal wrote this for Nick who also RP Fatherrobward......May his star shine brightly down on all the life's he touched....He was well loved my all his girls....He was a special and loving man who cared very deeply!!! Miss you baby!

Forgive me Father, For I have sinned. His lips so soft have kissed my skin. His hands so gentle, caressed my thigh. My warm desire, awakened with fire. I opened my center, so hot and inviting, he took me as his, with passion and fury.Our dewed bodies moved swiftly together. Our breath mixed, our voices screamed out into the heavens. Our hands explored each parts of our bodies, our kiss was what I'd call a soul kiss. Our hearts raced in sync, my heart, body, mind and soul exploded with raw desire.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nick's Greatest Gift

sitting in the living room, watching my two closes lovers...smiling and watching them. It's not often that we get the chance to meet up in our busy life's. So when we get together it's a very HAWT and SPECIAL time! Waiting for Nick to call things to order.

we are all here now i think
theresa: i got it
nick: good
theresa: smiles
hello chantal
nick: where is chantal?
theresa: I thought she was here
chantal: I am here
nick: good
chantal: Sorry, My girlfriend was talking to me
Hello Teresa smiles
Nick: Grins
theresa: smiles warmly at you
walking over to nick and kissing you hard on the lips
nick: mmm baby
kisses you back
are you still horny from before?
theresa: rubbing my hands up and down you chest as i slide my tongue into your mouth
nick: groans
sliding my hands to your ass pulling you closer
chantal: watches, rubs my pussy a little
nick: looks at chantal
come here baby
join us...
chantal: looks at Nick, walks over
theresa: watching chantal walk over
chantal: runs my hand down Teresa's back
theresa: kisses chantal hello
nick: i want to watch you two fuck...
theresa: mmmm
theresa: kisses teresa hard
You got it baby winks at nick
nick: you girls have made me very horny today...
chantal: Then we've done our jobs smirks
nick: first you theresa and then you chantal... groans
theresa: sliding my tongue into your mouth rubbing it against your tongue
nick: you are both so fucking hot
theresa: thank you baby
chantal: nods at Nick, getting down onto my knees, spreads T's pussy open, glides my tongue over her folds
theresa: moaning at you lick my pussy, tills my head back
chantal: sucks and licks your clit, pushing my face deep into your pussy, moans
nick: fuck... groans
theresa: Nick you should cum closer
nick: mmm...not yet
i want you to fuck first...
chantal: glances up at Nick, slides my tongue deep into T's pussy, rubbing her clit fast
nick: walks to the couch
sits and watches
theresa: fisting your hair and grinding on your tongue moaning
nick: taking out my cock, stroking slowly
theresa raise your leg so she can get deeper...
theresa: turning my head and watching you stroke your cock
chantal: mmm*moans into your pussy, tongue fucking you faster, finger rubbing your hardened clit faster*
theresa: raising my leg up
nick: chantal...
theresa: Crying, at you finger my clit grinding on your hand
nick: i have a strap on double vibe in that bag....
put it on...
theresa: taking my hand and pinch and pulling my nipples
chantal: stands up and moves to the bag, puts on the strap on, looks at Nick
nick: does it feel good in your pussy baby?
theresa: watches you both
chantal: Oh yes goes over to Teresa
nick: fuck theresa with it
theresa: mmmm come here baby
chantal: slides the one end into Teresa's hot pussy, thrusting in slowly, watching her
theresa: rubbing my clit,
arching my back as you slide the vib into my wet pussy
nick: oooh fuck
stroking my cock slowly
chantal: thrusts into teresa harder, moaning loud as we both get fucked FUCK!
theresa: reaching up and pinching your nipple and licking them
chantal: watches Nick, as I fuck T, moaning
nick: groans god fuck
theresa: Moan fuck me hard Chantal
chantal: So good Teresa slams the vibe into you, feeling the other end deep in me, cries out

theresa: taking my fingers down Chantal's back
chantal: YES!!!!!!
nick: stands up and gets behind chantal, spreading up her ass
Theresa: wraps legs around Chantal
nick: slowly pushing my cock in c's ass
theresa: Moaning loudly, as she fucks me with the vibe
nick: looking at theresa
theresa: mmmmm
nick: oh god this is so fucking hot
groans fuuuck...
chantal: slams in as hard and fast as I can, hips trembling
theresa: kissing Chantal and running my tongue over her lips
nick: fucking chantals ass from behind
theresa: taking my finger nails and digging them into her shoulders and screams FFFFucccck
chantal: kisses T back, cries out as Nick fucks my ass, slams into T hard and fast
nick: watching theresas face as she is moaning and writhing
chantal: pants and moans
nick: cum baby... come on
theresa: Bite and suck Chantal nipple
watching Nick fuck Chantal in the ass
nick: reaches down and rubs fingers against t's asshole
chantal: Oh god YES!
nick: spanks chantals ass hard
theresa: writhers against nick hand Fuck yes baby
chantal: hips jerk, getting closer, feeling full, cries out feeling the sting
theresa: bites lip as nick spanks C
nick: groans
fucking god..
theresa: grinding my pussy pulsing on the vibe
chantal: moves in and out of T' as Nick fucks my ass, rubs T's clit
nick: fuck her faster chantal
theresa: taking my hands and pulling c face closer to me, moaning loudly
nick: fucks chantals ass harder and spanks her hard
cum chantal
chantal: Yes Nick fucks T as hard and fast as I can, kissing her hard, bites her lip as Nick spanks me, fucking me harder
nick: i want you to cum now
theresa: biting C on the shoulder
nick: yes baby
like that
chantal: screams as I cum, fucking wilder
theresa: crying out as you fuck me hard yes C that it!nick: theresa
chantal: FUCK!
theresa: moaning loudly as you cum
nick: you are not allowed to cum yet!
theresa: ffffuck ok baby
chantal: hips jerk wildly as I cum, slamming the vibe into T
nick: i want you to cum with both of us inside you
theresa: pinch C nipples as she cums
nick: yes
nick: good girl chantal
me: yes baby that is fucking hawt
chantal: pants, heart racing, orgasm subsiding
nick: mmm... *slows thrusts and pulls cock out of chantals ass
theresa: taking fingers over your sides
nick: rubs her ass
chantal: moans as Nick pulls out, keeps thrusting into T
shivers SO good Nick, Teresa
nick: chantal slide out of theresa but keep the vibe in you
theresa: pulls you closer with my legs fuck c your amazing
chantal: Yes Nick slides out of Teresa, getting up on my knees
nick: lay back chantal
theresa: watching you both
chantal: lays back, watching you both
nick: takes theresa by the hand guiding her over to chantal
chantal: licks my lips
nick: theresa... straddle her
theresa: straddles Chantal
nick: take the vibe in your pussy
chantal: grips T's hips, watching her
theresa: sliding the vibe into my pussy
nick: now fuck her...
theresa: moaning
nick: its your turn to fuck now baby..
theresa: moans
nick: caresses theresas hair and kisses her lips
theresa: fucking C with the vibe
nick: fuck her hard
theresa: sliding into your hot wet pussy fast and hard
chantal: moves my hips, moaning louder, watching T's tits bounce
nick: mmm good
chantal: OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
theresa: taking my finger and rubbing your clit and fucking you hard with the vibe
nick: bend over theresa, i want to see your asshole
theresa: bending over and fucking chantal hard with the vibe
nick: mmm good
chantal: hips jerk up into T's pussy, moaning loud
nick: spreading open your asscheeks, spanking them hard
theresa: slamming into Chantal hard with the vibe pinching her clit
chantal: bites my lip, watching Nick
nick: bending over and biting on the
chantal: screams AHHHHHHHHHHH
nick: asscheeks
theresa: crying out as you spank me
chantal: Fucking hot
nick: licking along your asshole
nick: sliding two fingers in and fingerfucking you
theresa: fucking C hard and fast with the vibe
chantal: Oh fuck!!!!!!!!!! hips jerk wildly, thrust up hard
theresa: grinding on your hand nick as i fuck C hard and fst
nick: mmm fuck
chantal: grips T's hips hard, biting down on my lip
nick: moves behind t and slowly slides my cock in her asshole
theresa: leaning down and sucking on your bottom lip
chantal: moans against your lips, wrapping my legs around your both
nick: in case you girls dont know what this double vibe looks like...
theresa: pushing back against nick and his hard cock
chantal: Thank you Nick
theresa: thank you baby
nick: starts thrusting deep into theresa's ass
theresa: fucking Chantal hard slamming into her pussy
chantal: cries out, pushing my hips harder up into T
nick: my two little babies... dont know what a strap on looks like... groans
chantal: Shut up!
nick: fucks t's ass harder
theresa: Fuck yes nick i love when you fuck my ass
nick: raises brow at c shut up?
chantal: Oops
theresa: you did it now
nick: i will make you shut up you little whore...
theresa: rubbing your clit hard and fast
chantal: bites my lip, heart races, watching nick, hips jerk against T's Fingers
nick: reaches down and taking another vibe pushing it in chantals mouth
theresa: squeezing my ass hard on nick thick cock
chantal: gags a bit, watching Nick
nick: shut up... winks
fucks theresas ass
theresa: bites my lips as i watch c suck the vibe
chantal: muffled screams, sucking the vibe, hips jerking
theresa: pushing back against you cock wiggling my ass against you
thrusting hard into C pussy with the vibe
chantal: grabs T's tits, pinching her nipples hard
theresa: kissing chantal breasts
moaning as you pinch my breast
nick: mmm... i love your tight ass baby
theresa: leaning down I bite Chantal's shouder hard
nick: looking at chantal gagging on the vibe
chantal bend your knees so your ass is open baby
theresa: grinding hard on your cock baby I love your cock mmmmm
chantal: gags and cries out, closing my eyes, hips jerking, bends my knees
theresa: rubbing and thrusting into chantals pussy hard
nick: takes vibe out of chantals mouth and pushes it in her asshole
theresa: mmmm that it baby fuck her ass too
chantal: OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
nick: hold it there chantal
you've been a bad girl chantal
theresa: watching nick fuck your ass and thrust hard and fast into your pussy
nick: you need to get fucked in every hole
theresa: mmmm fuck
nick: thrusting deep in theresas ass and sliding vibe deep in chantals asshole
chantal: holds the vibe in my ass
Screams out
theresa: nick pull my hair hard baby
nick: grabs theresas hair
chantal: bucks my hips up wildly, gbody on fire
theresa: sucking on chantal nipple
nick: come on my little bitches
theresa: fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!
nick: i'm so close
gonna cum again
theresa: pushing back on nick cock and squeezing your cock in my ass
chantal: screams out as another orgasm hits me FUCK YES
theresa: pusssy throbbing hard baby
nick: fucking theresa's ass hard
chantal: That's it! give it to her! screams out
nick: oh fuck god
theresa: my legs are quivering baby FFFUCKCKK
nick: fuck!!!!!!!
theresa: meeting your thrusts
nick: spanking theresa's ass hard
chantal: body shaking hard, thrusting up into T, slamming the vibe into my ass
theresa: rubbing and pinching chantal clit
chantal: oh god yes!!!! so fucking good!!!!!!!!
nick: fuuuuckkkkk!!!!!!
chantal: Mmm yes baby
nick: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
chantal: watches as you both cum, my orgasm intense
nick: pulls out of theresa
strokes hard
nick: ffffffffuuuuuuuuuckkkk
theresa: MMMMM
nick: cummmiiiiiinnggg
theresa: thrusts into chantal pussy hard
chantal: YES BABY CUM
nick: oh god!
chantal: screams
theresa: crying out loudy ffuuuckkkk, falling onto chantal
chantal: watches Nick, holding onto T
nick: cums on t and c pussies
me: watching you cum
nick: ffffffuuuuuuuuukkkk
chantal: rubs your cum into our pussies
Yes baby
nick: fuuckk!!!
theresa: reaches down and take finger throught your cum and brings it to my lips to taste
yes baby that feels good
chantal: panting, watching Nick, rubbing his cum into T's pussy and mine
So good
theresa: mmmm
nick: pulls back
theresa: panting
nick: you girls lick each other clean
theresa: going down on chantal pussy
nick: groans panting hard
chantal: chest heaving, moves T back and licks cum off her drenched pussy
theresa: taking my tongue and tasting her and nick juices moaning
chantal: moans, loving the mixed taste
nick: oh my fucking god...
theresa: running my tongue over chantal wet pussy
nick: so fucking hot
chantal: Mmmhmm
licks my lips
nick: steps closer and kisses chantal hard
theresa: finding c clit and flicks tongue across it
chantal: kisses Nick hard, sucking on his tongue
theresa: licking your juices off my lips
chantal: hips jerk agaisnt T's face
nick: steps over to theresa grabbing her hair to pull her up and kiss her hard
chantal: licks my lips, catching my breath, watching
theresa: Kiss you hard back taking your tongue into my mouth and sucking on it
nick: pulls back panting hard
moves over to couch and drops on it panting
come here my kittens...
chantal: pulls out the vibe, unstrapping it, moves over to the couch beside Nick, collapses
theresa: walks over and kneel in front of you
nick: mmm
theresa: licking your cock clean of all our juices
nick: uuughhh fuck
chantal: watches T, caressing her hair
theresa: Licking your balls clean, moving my tongue up your shaft and over you head
nick: holy shit!!
chantal: licks my lips, watching
nick: grabs chantal and pulls her to me to kiss her
theresa: tease the head of your cock with my piercingchantal:*kisses Nick hard* lowers my head and sucks your balls into my mouth
nick: mmm
so good
theresa: raking my nails over your balls
nick: hisses
chantal: smirks against Nicks lips
theresa: sucking on your cock rubbing my tongue against you
nick: fuck... twitches enough baby
oh god...
today was... fuck...
chantal: smirks TOO much for Master
theresa: smiles
nick: kisses chantals lips
chantal: kisses Nick
theresa: sitting beside you on the couch
nick: pulls theresa to me and kisses her
theresa: kissing you back
chantal: kisses theresa
theresa: kisses chantal
nick: lay down girls, i want each of you on each thigh smiles
theresa: laying down
chantal: rests my head on Nicks thigh
nick: caressing your hair
chantal: sighs, closing my eyes
theresa: snuggle against you
nick: you girls have drained me today
i have no more energy
theresa: smiles at you
nick: caressing both of you
theresa: nick baby you were just amazing today
chantal: I am spent too grins
You are awesome Nick
nick: smiles at theresa
turns and smiles at chantal too
theresa: chantal you rocked me baby
nick: as i said... you both are too good for my ego...
chantal: You rocked me too Theresa
smiles at Nick
theresa: yes but it's so very true nick i have wonderful orgasm with you
chantal: So do I!!!!!!!!!! He makes you scream huh Theresa?
nick: caresses theresa's hair and leans down to kiss her nose

nick: chuckles at chantals word, turns and kisses c's forehead

chantal: Thank god I don't listen to the panty rule anymore
Nice T
nick: laughs
chantal: smiles at Nick
Told you Nick, panties are not comfy
theresa: laughing I know
chantal: Theresa you and I should play more winks
theresa: yes we should baby
chantal: I love your spankings
nick: you girls should... i could lend you the double dildo too... grins
me: he's the best, I love to be spanked
chantal: Thank you
I love being spanked too smirks
theresa: Thank you baby
chantal: But I haven't had the crop or anything in a LONG time
nick: chantal have you ever tried this toy in rl?
chantal: looks at Nick
No I haven't
theresa: running my fingers over your legs
nick: you should try it with your gf baby
chantal: shivers
Gf lives in florida
nick: i am sure you will both like it
chantal: she got a strap on for me
theresa: crop was heavenly bites lips
chantal: I am sure we would too
Rub it in T pouts
nick: i am sure you are going to have fun...
no pouting c
chantal: This summer
nick: i will use it on your ass the next time...
chantal: Well I want the crop sometime...
Nice grins
theresa: remembering the crop
nick: you girls are ... shakes head amazing
theresa: it's been awhile since i use the crop on you chantal
chantal: looks at Nick, smiles You brought it out of us winks
Yes it has Theresa
Mmm I def need a very good spanking
theresa: talk Nick into give me crop back and I'll spank you baby
darksamsexfiend: Nick? looks at you
Can you give her her crop back...please
maybe nick passed out
theresa: looking at you with big puppy dog eyes
nick: one second
chantal: looks at nick sweetly
Please baby
theresa: he's ready for a nap
chantal: Yes he is spent
Maybe we can find a temp crop? raises brow
theresa: reaching over and stroking your hair, we wore him out
as long as i don't use it on him, I think we will be ok
chantal: I am NEVER using anything like that on him again remembers that day, shudders
theresa: yes I remember only to well, I thought he was never going to talk to me again the is a horrable nightmare
chantal: I know!
I felt terrible
I'll leave the spankings to him
I think he passed out laughs, looks at Nick
theresa: i know so did I was so happy when he came back...yes leaving the spanks to Nick
reaching and grabing some blanket and hands one to chantal and covers up nick

Closing my eye's listening to my loves breathing soundly. Drifting off to sleep dreaming of the day's I used my riding crops on my two girls....Mmmmm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The story below is very special to me and my good friend. She also helped me write it! For a special guy that is very dear to our hearts. WE LOVE YOU MR.N

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rayne and Emma play Doctor with Mr.N

Emma and I are going to be your naughty Nurse's...........So lay back and enjoy our treatment!!

Crawling into bed with you naked (yes you get naked nurses) and pulling back the covers. Straddling your lap, leaning down and licking your left nipple and moving to your right nipple. Wiggling my ass against you, listening to you hiss through your teeth. Kissing you hard, sliding my tongue between your lips, sliding my tongue in your mouth. Moving to your neck and biting you hard. Sucking on the bite and marking you, licking over it.

Reaching my hand out to Emma, and pulling her closer to the bed. Leaning over and kissing her on the lips so softly. Taking my hand and running across her collar bone and trailing my hand down between her breasts. Look Mr.N, doesn't she has beautiful breasts? Crawling to the other side of MR.N, and pull Emma to climb into bed with us. Emma baby Mr.N love to eat pussy! Tell him how wet you are!!!

Hmm MR.N I'm so wet, just the thought of what will happen has my pussy glistening, you know your pussycat wants you all the time.. * runs fingers down to pussy & thru lips and offering you a taste as you suck on my finger, I look to T.

R.. why don't you straddle his face baby and let that wonderful tongue and fingers of his have a go.

E...I climb up your body and put my knees either side of your head and lowers my smooth shaved pussy over your mouth and lets you taste my wetness.. hands against the bed bracing myself as you begin to lick me. Moaning louder as I grind my pussy into your tongue.

R.. Pushing the covers down further to I find your cock. Taking a finger and running it down your length. Watching your cock twitch when I touch you, Licking my lips. I can't wait to taste you in my hot wet mouth MR.N. Looking up at your eating Emma's pussy. I reach up and pinch her right nipple and taking her left nipple in between my fingers rolling it back in forth. Kissing Emma's softly on her sweet lips one more time before moving back to your hard thick cock.

kissing R and moaning into her mouth as MR.N moves his tongue to my ass circling dipping it in as he is sliding his talented fingers in and out of my pussy faster and harder as he hears my moans... my pussy dripping with juices down my thighs.. him licking them up eagerly

Grabbing some lube from the night stand and applying some to my hand. I rubbing the lube on your cock and began stroking you. Slowly and teasingly at first, leaning down flicking my tongue across the tip of your cock tasting your precum. Moaning as I taste, you in my mouth, closing my mouth around your cock grazing my teeth against the head. Sucking you hard and stroking your cock faster.

MR.N moving his fingers in and out harder as R sucks his cock.. beginning to feel me cum he slides fingers out and grips my ass cheek pulling my clit to his mouth and sucking on it hard making me scream out in pleasure, I rock back and forth on his mouth bringing me closer and closer to cumming on his face

Feeling you slide your hand in between my thighs. I so Fucking wet MR.N, moving my legs apart so you can touch my hot wet pussy. Moaning against your cock, as your fingers start to rub my clit hard, whimpering as your rub harder. Grinding against your hand, sucking your cock hard swallow more, you buck up your hips feeding me more of your cock till I gag. sucking your hard and rubbing my pierced tongue against your shaft...Listen to you AAAAAGGGGG

Crying out louder and louder FUCK YES!! MR.N!! LICK MY PUSSY BABY! Oh FUCK! IM CUMMING!!!! feeling my pussy spasming and pulsing with my orgasm.. lapping up my juices and licking me clean i moan as he flicks his tongue over my clit..

Looking up as you eating Emma listening to the two of you, makes my pussy to fucking wet.....

MR.N... Rayne go and get the vib from the closet.

Moaning as your cock leaves my mouth, letting my teeth graze against you.

Climbing off your face and down the bed next to you.. clit throbbing at the feeling of just cumming on you

Mr.N ... Emms I want you to lay on the bed, Rayne I want you to use the vibe on her.....

Watching Emma lay on her back. Crawling back on the bed waiting MR.N directions....

MR.N.. Emma baby eat Rayne's pussy while she fucks you with the vibe. And I'm going to sit here and watch for a bit.

R..looking at you as you stroke your cock watching us lick and suck and fuck each other.

R..Straddling Emma's face, Feeling her run her tongue against me Moaning as she touches me.
Taking the vibe and slowly pushing in her wet pussy. Taking my finger and rubbing her clit, sliding the vibe in and out of her pussy fast and hard. Leaning down and flick my tongue over her clit. Mmmmm baby, Emma your pussy juice's taste so fucking sweet!

I grip R's hips and lick and suck on her wetness.. caressing her pussy lips and then sucking on clit hard making her moan loudly, pluging my tongue in and out of her.. fucking her with 3 fingers deep inside hitting her g spot..

Feeling her fingers sliding into my pussy, pushing back on her hand as she finger fucks me. lifting my head to watch MR.N stroke his Hard cock.
moaning as she finger fucks me hard and fast, Squeezing my pussy around her fingers. Moaning as she rub against my g-spot. Feeling her body tense as I fuck her with the vibe. Faster and harder, rubbing and pinching her clit. Hearing MR.N say I want you girls to cum, I want you to cum right now!

R.. Hearing MR.N get up off the chair and walk over to me spanking my ass hard, and rubbing were he just spanked me. Whimpering as the heat spreads over my ass.
Feeling my body tense , my pussy pulsing on Emma's fingers, grinding against her hand hard. Crying out that I going to Fucking cum.....

MR.N.. That's it my slut cum right now

R..and you spank me again harder. My legs start to quiver and muscles tight in my stomach.
taking out the vibe and licking Emma juices. Listen to her cum..

moaning loudly as i feel R fuck me hard with the vibe, pushing it in and out faster and faster feeling her play with my clit crying out .. FUCK!! God Yes!! Fuck that pussy R make me cum .. throwing my head back as i feel my body shiver and tense round the vibe.. R rubbing my clit harder I call out I'M CUMMING!!!

Panting hard, as i fall to the bed.......

MR.N..... Now Rayne clean the vibe like you would if it was my cock..........

Taking the vibe and running my tongue over it cleaning off all of Emma's Juices.... Sucking on it to there nothing left on it. Laying it on the bed, I crawl up to were Emma's laying. Leaning down and sucking on her right nipple and tugging with my teeth. Moving up her body to mouth kissing her hard and sliding my tongue between her lips. Running my tongue over hers.....Tasting my juices on her lips moaning into her mouth.

Laying on bed breathing hard and coming down from orgasm.. my body shaking I moan as R plays with my nipples and kisses me deeply tasting herself on me..

Feeling MR.N wrap his hand in my hair and pulling, Moaning as he pulls

MR.N..... Now Rayne hand Emma the vibe.....Emma I want you to fuck yourself with the vibe...........Rayne on all fours...........

Getting on to all fours you come up behind me............

MR.N.... Were do you want me to fuck you baby, your ass or your pussy?

My ass I cry out, Fuck my ass MR.N Please I beg you! I need to feel you in my ass baby. Your thick hard cock stretching my ass......Please MR.N
Watching Emma fuck her self with MR.N's vibe. Licking my lips, still tasting you in my mouth.

I lay back watching you two sliding the vibe deep inside and starting to move it in and out of me.. my pussy tight from cumming twice
I rub my clit slowly.. its so sensitive but I cant get enough I moan and cry out bucking my hips into it needing to feel it deeper and harder..

Feeling MR.N grab my ass, teasing me with the tip of your cock. Pushing back against you, want you to fill me so fucking bad. You push your hard cock against my ass, thrusting into my tight ass. Moaning as you stretch my ass, squeezing my ass around you. Meeting your thrust as you fuck my ass. Grinding hard on your cock, moaning............

You leaning over me grabbing my breast kneading it and pinching the nipple, AAAGGGGGGGGGG ...while slamming hard into my ass. Sliding in and out thrusting hard, pulling my hair again, whimpering as my pussy starts to throb...Listening to Emma

moaning louder and calling out your names as I move my hands to my breasts and grab and pull at my nipples pinching hard hearing nicks words telling me to fuck myself hard.. listening to R's moans and grunts as MR.N fucks her ass..

Feeling your body getting tense, you lean over me, groaning in my ear Cum right now, as you thrust into me faster and harder, over and over again. I'm cry out as I cum hard my pussy throbbing and my ass milking your cock as you cum.........listen to you scream your cumming.....Pushing hard against you grinding my ass hard on you. Legs quivering , my body is being racked hard with after shocks, panting hard. You pull your semi hard cock from my ass slowly....I fall to the bed to catch my breath.......

Emma, I want you to come ride my cock............

crawls over to MR.N and sits slowly down onto his hard cock.. teasing the tip with my tight smooth wet pussy.. dipping it in and out not allow it to go any further hearing him hiss and groan at my teasing...
he grabs my hips and slams me down onto him taking him deep I cry out as he fills me completely .. grinding into him i cant help but move faster and harder... needing it so much.. i grip his chest with my nails and ride him hard...
feeling him holding my hips in place.. he bucks up into me over and over .. FUCK!!! MR.N YES GOD YES!!
I arch my back as he brings his hands to my breasts caressing and kneading them in want and need to be all over my body..

I fuck him faster hearing his moaning and panting knowing he is close... dragging my nails down his chest I lean down and kiss up his neck and lick his earlobe.. grinding into his cock as I lean in close and kiss him passionately thrusting hard once.. twice a third time he meets my thrust and fills me with his cum.. I moan rubbing my clit against him feeling my pussy pusling clench round him as I milk his cock.. and cum into his shoulder.. biting down hard on the opposite side to where R marked him..
Exhausted I lay there for afew moment panting and breathing hard.. before I move to his side.. hearing him speak..

MR.N..... Rayne come clean my cock.....

kneeling before you taking your cock in my mouth tasting Emma's and your juices. Licking you clean, flicking my tongue over your balls.

MR.N Groaning Ok that enough Rayne, girls come sit here on the couch with me

That was amazing MR.N thank you! Kisses you softly on the lips. Curls up in the couch beside you. Laying my head on your lap, feeling you play in my hair. Smiling to myself, Thank you Emma you are amazing...

Crawls onto the couch utterly fucked.. and cuddles up to MR.N's side.. looking up and kissing him smiling thanking him for an amazing night..
thank you baby.. you always make me cum so hard..
Thank you R you were fantastic.. know exactly what I needed